About Us

Rota Shipping is an experienced leading company in scrap ship buying &selling and dismantling market with its Professional staff, quality and fastidious process management approach and international market domination.

The founders of Rota Shipping, are the members of a family, which has been dealing with the market activities since 1986. Rota Shipping has become a well-known and a leading company in international markets as a result of its strict and fastidious working principles in ship buying & selling and dismantling processes.

Until today, Rota Shipping has achieved to complete all projects including Commercial/Military ships, Barges and Oil platforms. All projects completed safely without causing any damage to nature. As a result of these successful operations, the company identified as a “reliable and professional organization” in the market.

Rota Shipping, as a solution partner, preferred by many international companies based upon its reliability and Professional approaches in business. The company, continues its operations to supply scrap vessels to recycling yards in Aliağa-Turkey as one of the most important “Green Recycling” ports in the World.

Difference Is Our Expertise!

Rota Shipping has always been acting with the philosophy of “best in anywhere anytime“  based upon years of knowledge and different perspective gained in the sector.

The most important factor that makes Rota Shipping distinguishable is the company’s faithfulness to its strict principles.  The strict principles of Rota Shipping include 8 main items as follows;

* Reliability
* Nature and environment friendly
* Being a non-stop activity in all places at all times
* Professional point of view
* Engendering the best qualification, workforce
* Providing solution partners with added value
* International market coverage
* Results-oriented, fast and flawless business processes

Our Goals

Rota Shipping is an institutional organization managed by the Professional team members based upon   a certain vision and perspective.

* Continue its business without losing corporate policy and principles
* Sustain the work principles compatible with the customers and solution partners
* Being a pioneer in the industry based upon its reliability and results-oriented approach
* Respect the nature and environment in any case.